Are you a glamgirl

Are you a GLAMGIRL?

Author: Ylevol Tam Nguyen

As the ultimate fashionista COCO CHANEL said “A girl should be two thing: classy and fabulous”… Being a GLAMGIRL is a lifestyle choice!

A Glamgirl is a woman…

* With complete confidence in her appearance at every moment of her daily existence
* Who rolls out of bed feeling like an angel and in command of the world
* Who uses her clothing and her appearance suited to purpose and as a means to an end… World dominance! At least the world around her!!

Are you sure your wardrobe is ready for whatever is thrown at you?

A GLAMGIRL makes sure that she walks into a business meeting in a mean pantsuit or a hot pencil skirt perfectly paired with a jacket and just enough cleavage to distract the power brokers and get her way… In this case her outfit is her armor.

A GLAMGIRL ensures that her wardrobe has an immaculate collection of high-slit or backless evening gowns which transcend elegance and sex appeal perfectly to ‘close’ those deals that happen over drinks…

A GLAMGIRL does not despair when she has a packed day starting with a busy day at work, followed by a parent teacher meeting, ending with a power dinner with overseas clients. She makes sure her trunk has an option for every surprise occasion close at hand for those emergency days that go on and on…


In 2000 a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that there was an acute connection between the outfits we wear and our approach and interactions with the world around us. Assembling an outfit is like selecting a social armor and what we wear gives us ‘Power over Others’ or others ‘Power over Us’. The study showed that if you wear something with a strong cultural association – it can affect your cognitive process and confidence.

Our GLAMGIRL is a girl who oozes confidence and becomes the center of attraction by just ‘arriving’ at a scene. What she wears ‘becomes’ style, what she carries defines (or follows) the latest fashion trends.

How does she do that? Well she has a very cultured sense of style and ‘taste’ that cannot be challenged. Her clothes while appropriate for every occasion – still maintain the ‘Power Dynamic’ that she holds over the crowd.

Photo: Arthur Elgort, Vogue, December 2000

Well you maybe a GLAMGIRL!

Or you maybe Close…

Whoever you are, one thing is for sure… You don’t fear attention and you love to have the POWERRR!!!

The fashion world is a jungle. There is a cacophony of brands and a plethora of websites giving you more options than any ‘Chinese Menu’ you can find… It is bloody difficult for a busy girl to put together a wardrobe that gives her that Oomph and the Oohs that she deserves without spending countless hours sifting through 100’s of sites.

we are here to help

with Curated Fashion for YOU!

Cutout Embellished Velvet Mini Dress by David Koma at GLAMGIRL.LIVE

Find the latest outfits to build your GLAM wardrobe that prepares you for every occassion.

Get fashion advice and curated looks which make sure you have that ‘no brainer’ perfect combo on to make an IMPACT!

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